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[STORR] 1-day luggage storage


Welcome to STORR. We are offering one-day (until midnight) luggage storage service for foreign tourists who visit Seoul station.

STORR Seoul station branch is located on the 2nd basement floor of the KDB Life Insurance Tower connected to exit 12 of subway lane 4. Please turn left at Tous Les Jours bakery and come in to the direction of the escalator.

When you arrive at STORR, you can purchase 1-day luggage storage service starting from KRW 25,000 at the kiosk with your credit card. And feel free to use the selected locker until midnight. You can add more dates to use upto 15 days.

1-day service rates (until midnight)
R4mini (1000x1000x1100mm): KRW25,000
R2 (1000x500x2200mm): KRW25,000
R4 (1000x1000x2200mm): KRW36,000

We usually have the storage available. You don't need to book it in advance. STORR is being operated as an unmanned store.

Thank you! STORR