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One-day self-storage service


STORR: one-day self-storage service guide

- We offer one-day self-storage service in STORR Seoul station branch at KRW20k.
- Please log in Naver and make a reservation for STORR one-day self-storage service.

- Once the payment is confirmed, we will send you a SMS message to your mobile phone with the information such as QR access code, locker number and default password in an hour.
- Please make a reservation and complete the payment process a day in advance to use the self-storage.
- If you want to use one-day self-storage on weekend, please make the payment no later than 6pm Friday.
- Don't forget to vacate the locker before midnight! Otherwise, KRW20k of penalty will be charged for another day.
- Thank you for being with us.

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